Facilitation Analytics Series, 50% off for ABA Mediation Week 2018

To support ABA Mediation Week 2018, and, in particular, to enhance the constructive role of lawyers in promoting a more civil public discourse, we’re offering the books of our Facilitation Analysis series at 50% off in Kindle format at Amazon.

Understanding the Facilitation Cycle – For busy people about to engage a tough crowd in a serious exchange of views. A quick, 20 page read. There are eight phases in the Facilitation Cycle. The first phase, Greeting, starts even before your meeting begins and before your participants come into the room. The last, Send Forth, magnifies the impact of your successful event for days and weeks after it has concluded. Buy at Amazon.

Dealing With Disruptors – What if you could make that disruptive energy productive? How do you ensure that all respect others’ ideas, focussing on issues, not individuals? What if you could work with disruptors to increase understanding, willingness to compromise, and trust in your community? Dealing with Disruptors provides tools and a framework to make that happen. Buy at Amazon.

Navigating With 3D Evaluation: Public Dialogue for Results – Public engagement and dialogue can achieve valuable, lasting outcomes, but only when supported by ongoing, systematic analysis. This book shows you how to work with participants to set goals, engage everyone through a shared vision, maintain trust through common priorities and interim targets, navigate around obstacles like budget cutbacks and changes in political leadership, determine who is responsible for honoring the commitments made around the dialogue process, and demonstrate the value of your work. Buy at Amazon.

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